Sunday, June 28, 2009



To Blog.

I don't really know where to start with this, I've sat here, for well, a good five minutes wondering how to open. Be formal and introduce myself nicely to whoever may be bothered reading this over the internet, open with a joke and pretend to be charming and lovable, or to go down an emotional route, and make the first few lines get people dabbing at their tears and calling me a literary genius and all that.
I can't really "do" any of that, so as you see, I have just decided to type(: *yes that was a Smiley. A backwards one at that*
Basically, I tend to spam up my friends computers by posting out numerous blogs and whatnot all over social networking sites. * Bebo and Myspace, because I have no time for Facebook*
I say friends, but also half are strangers from, I don't even know, Turkey? Who I may have added a few years ago because he may have had a nice fringe. Maybe.
So today I have made a Blogger, wow what a momentous occasion. I have made a Blogger and thus, have written a blog about making a Blogger. Now I can blog away to my hearts content, because I just don't have the handwriting skills for a log nor the face for a vlog.
For anybody interested in my blog, as my friends all don't even read them, I doubt there's many of you out there, I would just say, yeah there's probably fantastic reading ahead. Lets be honest and cut the coy and be frank, these will be the best blogs, at least from Ireland. I have a very un-lovely sense of humour, which a few people may have gotten already and sarcasm is actually fairly hard to put across the internet.
I find typos very funny as well, for no reason and if you see any, yes they are left in for my amusement.
Is there anything left? Oh I forget, except, stay tuned for the next exciting installment..
That is, if you want to, like.